Certified Organic Seamoss Gel Sun Bleached Chondrus Crispus

Certified Organic Seamoss Gel Sun Bleached Chondrus Crispus

What makes our Seamoss Gel better

It's Certified Organic
It's highly unlikely your current supply genuinely organic.
Ethically harvested
Currently a huge amount of damage is being done to ecosystems due to poor harvesting techniques being used.

Our Seamoss is tested for heavy metals as is the quality of Sea water it grows in. It is ethically harvested by a small family of harvesters who work with the local environment and eco-systems not against it.

To be an Organic Supplier and to supply food items - Testing is a requirement and harvesting with the eco-system in mind are requirements.

Again it's highly unlikely your current supplier can advise of the same.



500ml Sealed Glass Jar
Ingredient: 100% Certified Organic Seamoss (Chondrus Crispus)
Made to Order

(Shipping Mon - Fri AM)
Rinsed & Soaked in Highland Spring Water and Keylimes overnight.

How it can be used;

Consume directly from Jar

Add to Smoothies, Juices and food (Is almost tasteless)

Can be applied to skin/face.

Can also be applied to hair and scalp.

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