Colon Cleanse Pack Capsules

Colon Cleanse Pack Capsules

Comes as 4 Seperate bags of 90 Capsules

Option available for the Starred items to go into a single larger capsule.


Wild Crafted Cascara Sagrada

Organic Rhubarb root*

Organic Wormwood*

Organic Chickweed*




Cascara sagrada is a stimulant laxative. It works by causing muscle contractions in the intestines. The bark contains chemicals called anthraquinones that give it its color and its laxative effect.


Rhubarb Root  has been used to treat constipation, high fever, abdominal distension, gall stones, jaundice and, surprisingly, acute dysentery, due to the herb’s anti-bacterial activity


Wormwood has been associated with many benefits, such as alleviating pain and inflammation and fighting oxidative stress and parasitic infections.


Chickweed is an Anti-inflammatory and pain reliever. Supports with aiding the body with pain relief associated with inflammation. Cleanser of blood also.